Classic Alice; A Review

Web Series

Youtube, once just a site for cute cat videos, is swiftly becoming a great channel for modern and quirky media with upcoming actors, that we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. Web series are becoming more common, and whilst some rightly deserve to stay on the web, others are charming.

One such example of this is Classic Alice, a web series with a similar concept to The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, which follows Alice, an obsessive, eccentric, high-achiever, who after receiving a comment saying that her essay is emotionless (and a B-, a shocking grade for such a good student), tracks her attempts to insert herself into classic works of fiction. In the first series (which is currently up on youtube), she is reading Crime and Punishment – a book she didn’t know the plot of before promising to behave like the main character. Her interpretation of the classic literature is very entertaining, as is the growing romance between her and the filmmaker behind the videos. The main character is incredibly enjoyable to watch, and the character’s vivid and dorky personality manage to seem charming rather than irritating – which it could easily be if not for the actress’ talent.

I would definitely recommend watching this web series! At the moment, the show has a kickstarter to get a second series; ; I personally definitely hope there’s a second series as the first was left on a huge cliffhanger

As always, leave a comment saying what you think of Classic Alice. And if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely go check it out!


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