Top Ten Tuesday; Movies and TV Shows

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme started by The Broke and The Bookish, and this week it is ten favourite movies or tv shows, so this is a combination of both.

Top Five Movies


5. Bridget Jones’ Diary

I LOVE Bridget Jones; it’s a truly brilliant romantic comedy, with a heroine who I absolutely adore (I see more than a little bit of myself in Bridget, and I don’t know if I should be ashamed of that or not.) I’m still hoping for a third movie (which differs from the book, because what Helen Fielding did to Mark Darcy WILL NEVER BE OKAY)


4. Mulan

With a cracking soundtrack, great side characters as well as a kick ass heroine and great plotline, Mulan had to be on this list. It’s impossible to not root for Mulan and sing along to “Make A Man out of You” when it comes on.


3. Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day

Set in the 1920s, this film follows Miss Pettigrew, a strait laced, penniless governess, who accidentally ends up spending a day with Delysia LaFosse, whose bright life of parties and romance is a stark contrast to Miss Pettigrew’s. Miss Pettigrew helps Delysia choose between her numerous suitors, whilst also finding a romance of her own. This is one of those  delightfully charming films, and whilst horrendously underrated, it is a gem of a movie, with great cinematography and acting as well as such an endearing plot.


4. The Notebook

This hardly needs an introduction, but the enduring love story between Noah and Allie is incredibly beautiful, and the scene by the lake is one of the best reunions ever.

untitled (4)

5. Love Actually

I love the kind of movies which follow the love lives of a large group of people, whose lives all connect. Love Actually, is by far, the best of these kind of movies, and has a great combination of humour and romance with other tragic plotlines.

Five Best TV Shows


5. Friends

A no-brainer really, this is, without a doubt, the best sitcom ever, and you can rewatch the episodes again and again.


4. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is fantastic in it’s first two seasons, and whilst it becomes more and more soapy as it continues, it never stopped being entertaining. Whilst true that it became a guilty pleasure in the 4th season, it is still one of my favourites, without a doubt. The bitchy quips from Blair Waldorf, combined with the complicated relationship between her and Chuck, as well as all of the ridiculously attractive actors make this a show I will watch again and again.

untitled (7)

3. In The Flesh

I talked about In the Flesh really recently, and it is my latest TV obsession. Genuinely good tv, it is heart breaking, with great characters with interesting moral dilemmas,  intriguing plots and a deeper message, without being preachy.


2. Agatha Christie’s Marple and Agatha Christie’s Poirot

I hate to sound like an old woman, but I adore these. The Miss Marple’s are always great with a cup of tea, and David Suchet was the best Poirot I have ever seen. I have watched many crime shows, and yet, none have managed to be as entertaining and humorous as these. Based on the classic books, which I also love, I would definitely recommend watching this series on a Sunday afternoon.

untitled (6)

1. Veronica Mars

I really struggled with my last choice, because whilst I love a lot of tv shows, I’m not sure they’re all worthy to be on the list of my five all time favourites. Veronica Mars, however, was truly great before it’s train wreck of a third season. Following a teenage private detective on her smaller cases, whilst she tackles the larger series mystery. The first season is about her attempting to solve the murder of her best friend as well as her rape. This is all tackled alongside the typical high school problems of friendships and romance, as well as the endearing relationship between Veronica and her father. The script is very good, the mystery’s gripping, and the main romance is absolutely epic.


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