Top Ten Tuesday; Characters I’d want with me on a desert island


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme started by The Broke and The Brookish and this week is the ten characters we’d want with us on a desert island. I found this really difficult, because my favourite characters are often complicated and brooding, which potentially would not be a great combination on a desert island. Anyway, here is my top ten;

0e366824189373910. Finnick Odair

Finnick became victor of the Hunger Games when he was 14 and survived the third Quarter Quell as well so he’d be able to protect us from any weird-Island enemies that might show up. He also comes from District 4, the fishing district, so he’d be able to feed us, and would be good with water, enabling him to help us get off the island. He’s also absolutely gorgeous, so that might make the desert island experience slightly more enjoyable.

images9. Westley

A great duellist, climber, hand to hand fighter, as well as being intelligent, Westley would easily kill any monsters on the island, and might be able to use his experience as a pirate to get us off the island. He’s also adorable (not to mention beautiful) and the story of his love for Buttercup and his adventures thereafter would make a great campfire story.

imagesI93UA9UP8 & 7. Fred and George Weasley

So far all of the choices, whilst clever and talented, have been very serious – I love them all, but they might be slightly difficult to get along with in close proximity. Fred and George Weasley on the other hand, would “diffuse the tension” with funny quips and pranks.

ND1tsotoc6. Nancy Drew

I really struggled with this – I really wanted to include Veronica Mars, but as I haven’t yet read “The Thousand Dollar Tan Line”, I decided on her 1930s counterpart, the original teenage detective, Nancy Drew. I read some of these books when I was younger, and I don’t remember a huge amount from them, other than that Nancy was independent and highly intelligent, very helpful skills in this kind of situation. I think at least one detective is absolutely necessary on this island, after all, it could be a “And Then There Were None” situation.

mm4n5. Miss Marple

I thought really hard about this – I knew I wanted a maternal figure on my island and I eventually decided that Miss Marple was perfect. Caring, as well as a great gossip, and obviously her fantastic deduction skills would be very helpful on the island – it would be interesting to see her and Nancy work together to solve any mysteries.

4. Hermione Grangeruntitled (8)

The Golden Trio would not have stood a chance if it were not for Hermione, and I’d like to think that if we were on a desert island, she could save us too. She would definitely have something in her bag which could help us, and she’d always have a detailed plan on how to get us off the island. Of course, she’d also have several spells she could use in a case of emergency!

untitled (9)3. Ron Weasley

Maybe it’s a sign of my obsession that I have four Harry Potter characters on this list, but I love them all! I was really torn between the twins or Ron, so I decided on both. Although constantly underestimated, Ron has his moments of brilliance – after all he did survive seven years of near-death experiences. He’s also a great friend and very amusing, and having both him and Hermione on the island (without Harry Potter, the greatest cock block of all time) would be very cute!

untitled (10)2. Bridget Jones

I feel a very personal connection to Bridget; I relate to her in so many ways. I think she would be just as lost and confused on an island as me, which would make me feel better about freaking out. She’d probably handle it by singing a Madonna song (if it works in a Thai prison, why not a desert island?) and I would totally be up for that.

images2PYJ0Y911. Elizabeth Bennet

If there is ever a list about spending time with fictional character, Elizabeth Bennett will always be number one on that list. ALWAYS. Funny, independent, and with some great quips about the rest of the people on the island (even if her assumptions are not always correct) she’d be great to hang out with whilst the others work out how to get us off.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday; Characters I’d want with me on a desert island

  1. Brilliant picks! I have such a HP obsession too, was slightly tempted to have a top ten list that was just HP characters today. I would love the twins to be there, they would definitely keep things fun. I love Ron, he’d definitely be on my island! Hermione would be useful because she’s so smart and has magic – she could even get us off the island! Finnick is another pick, I debate putting him on my list but went for Katniss and Peeta in the end. Here’s my TTT.

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