Frieze Art Fair


I usually adore contemporary art, and so visited the Frieze Art Fair on the 18th October. There were some very interesting pieces, which might not be found at a more traditional exhibition – there were a lot of more abstract pieces; an art form I find very intriguing, as well as 3 dimensional installments, and paintings and photographs which were unique because of the subject. These are some photos of artworks I particularly liked which demonstrate the huge variety of work in the fair.


Alex Prager, Untitled (Part 1)


Tomas Saraceno, NGC 5892

john baldessari koen van der broek

John Baldessari & Koen Van Den Broek – This is an Example of that; Photo Shoot (Desert with Car)


David Renggli – I Love You (Blue Alorage)

However, despite the truly inspiring and innovative work, there were many pieces which were bizarre rather than exciting, and that was the issue I had with the fair. It was a huge event, and yet there were only a few pieces that really intrigued me.


The more strange items included a collection of spidermanmemes Рand although I found them very funny, I thought this perhaps belonged on a tumblr blog rather than an art exhibition.

There was also a room where the work was just variations of smiley faces, and performance art which purely consisted of people leaping about before twitching on the floor – even the performers themselves could not contain their laughter.

The Frieze Art Fair was definitely an entertaining gallery visit, and I think it was worthwhile, but it was disappointment in the lack of consistency in regards to the quality of work.


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