Man Up Movie Review


Out in limited release, Man Up is a romantic comedy starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg. It centres on a 34 year old cynic who is constantly being told, by both herself and her sister, to put herself out there and so, when she is mistook for a man’s blind date, goes along with it.

In recent years, romantic comedies have become a more and more dismissed area of film; their potential for charm and humour has been forgotten due to the glut of terrible rom coms which rely on stereotypes, cheesy lines and bad humour. Man Up is a refreshing departure from this, it is carried by the charisma of it’s leading character, Nancy, who surpasses the trope of sarcastic and cynical woman into an extremely comical and likeable character who exists in the real world. Her romantic interest, however, doesn’t just play second fiddle, but is just as entertaining to watch.

There was amazing chemistry between the two which really made the film effective, and in particular scenes, such as when they were fighting, this was especially apparent, and demonstrated why the film worked so well. The characters were made to complement each other, and this makes them a couple which are really enjoyable to watch, and which seem like they could work.

It was very very funny, using the personalities of all the characters, sexual gags, physical comedy, and very relatable moments of everyday humour – such as Nancy’s attempts to get spinach out of her teeth – to create a film which was solidly and consistently amusing throughout.

Man Up was a rare romantic comedy, in that it was excessively charming and humorous, whilst still offering the optimism and happy ending that most romantic comedy lovers look for. I highly reccomend.


Alexander McQueen; Savage Beauty at the V&A


I recently had the pleasure of seeing the V&A’s retrospective of Alexander McQueen’s work, and I must say that it was one of the best and most interesting fashion exhibitions I have seen in my life.

Every piece was incredibly exciting; their delight lay not in their wearability but as their existence as pure art form. Each room had a different theme which conveyed the complexity and depth of McQueen’s imagination and the wide breadth of sources by which he was inspired. This ranged from the Scottish highlands to the Victorian Gothic, and whilst all his work seemed connected they were also varied enough to make the whole exhibition fascinating.

My favourite piWidows of Cullodenece was the a particularly beautiful lace and tartan dress, hitched
up to show the net underneath, which I thought was particularly gorgeous.

Second to this was the white dress which was sprayed with paint because I thought it was so intriguing, and even the previous dress had a great structure.

The way it was exhibited by the V&A was generally very good; each room was decorated so it fitted with the clothes; one room’s walls were made of bones to fit with the theme of primitiveness. The music was slightly eerie, and combined with the beginning film of McQueen’s face fading to a skeleton, the exhibition reminded the viewers of the darkness and isolation that McQueen felt which inspired the clothes. However, other elements of the way that it was displayed were much less satisfying; the pieces were extremely complex and intriguing from all angles, so rotating mannequins would have allowed you to see the entirety of the pieces, but they were only utilised about twice in the exhibition. Furthermore, there was one particularly full room, which whilst interesting, meant that some really intriguing pieces could not be fully appreciated because they were on very high shelves.

An absolute must see!

First Blog Post


Hi guys! This is my first blog post and I plan to write reviews of books, movies, tv programmes and music. I thought I’d give you a bit of detail about my tastes first so you would know what kind of content would be on my blog;

Favourite book; Pride and Prejudice and the Harry Potter series. I could describe my love for them in huge detail, but I don’t want to write an essay on my first blog post, and I could talk about them for days!

Favourite film; it’s impossible for me to choose one film, but my list is; Love Actually, Bridget Jones, Back to the Future, The Notebook, The Princess Bride, 10 Things I Hate About You, Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day and Mulan

Favourite TV Show; My favourite tv programme seems to alter constantly as more and more jump the shark, but Friends and Gossip Girl are definitely up there.

Favourite Music; My music taste varies wildly from the guilty pleasures (or just the unaldurated pleasure) of ABBA and Eurovision, to the olden goldies such as “I will survive”, to the teen pop feel-good music of Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers, to various musical soundtracks- especially Disney-related, to indie music such as Mumford and Sons, The Vaccines, The Artic Monkeys, Tom Odell, Wolfgang and Two Door Cinema Club. My favourite genre of music is probably from the likes of Kate Nash, Marina and the Diamonds and the fabulous Florence and the Machine. What can I say, my music taste varies a lot!